The Censoring of the Rebellion Continues, ReblDyne Banned by Twitter

Jacobs K. for ReblDyne

rebldyne, twitter

As was the case at our partner website on December 14 (2013), United Nations Brigandage, Twitter suspended the account for ReblDyne as well after only two days of being active there.

A pattern?

Yes, it’s getting pretty obvious that the rebellion is being censored online, out of fear that we would grow beyond control. That fear is legit!


I’m not going to rewrite my opinion on the banning of a rebellion account, instead I will post an excerpt here and the rest you can read at the United Nations Brigandage website:

  • “This gives more weight to the claims by certain members of the truth movement that ‘the Arab Spring’ for example is indeed to a great extend a CIA/CFR inspired and funded series of events, for the countless Twitter accounts that are linked to these ‘movements’ are responsible for spreading false information and for calling for violence. This is the complete opposite of our intentions. We do not spread false information and we certainly do not call for violence with our well-meant and honest intentions.”

Just think of how afraid and upset they must be at Twitter and their commanders for allowing the real and NON VIOLENT rebellion to spread messages of truth. When you cut all the B.S. and address the core issues, that’s what you’ll get in return. Censoring and silencing.

This exposes the whole “policy” at Twitter and it confirms the assumption that Twitter is not on the people’s side when it comes to freedom and justice. That has been proven by the fact that they allow government and military psyops on their site, instead of banning those. Twitter is just another bunch of controlled Muppets, or better, Twittets.

ReblDyne has only posted 6 messages, we’re only getting started yet we’re already being oppressed. This is an important fact, certainly when you think about it how other “truth sites” are still allowed to operate their Twitter accounts.

The ban happened after posting the “e-War Alpha: When Alleged Fiction Becomes Your Reality” article, guess they didn’t like that too much. Indeed the truth hurts.

But the rebellion will only grow stronger every time we are being censored and trashed, stronger in that the true rebels are building a powerful will to succeed. And we will succeed at exposing the true agendas, count on it!