Terror Propaganda: Calendar 2014

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There’s not a day that goes by without coming across some kind of propaganda that is intended to keep the false “war on terror” alive and in the public’s minds. One of those places where they eagerly promote the terrorism fabrication, in an attempt to keep the people well-brainwashed, is Israel’s Haaretz.

It cannot be denied that their current website header, an advertisement for the US National Counterterrorism Center’s Calendar 2014, serves as a tool to keep their audience in a state of fear:

haaretz, israel, terrorism

The NCTC’s 2014 website on their turn also uses a remarkable header for their site:

nctc, terrorism, calendar, 2014

The image is a scene from the Boston marathon bombings (the main theme for the site), a large-scale staged event, also known as a false flag, for which we wrote an extensive report: Impartial Investigation of the Explosions at the Boston Marathon 2013.”

Unfortunately, you will not find the truth about those bombings on the NCTC’s website, really a disappointment from our point of view. After all, what’s the purpose of such a site when you can’t find the truth on such a piece of professionalism?

Sadly, those who purposely created the Philippine super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda last November [1, 2] are also not mentioned on the calendar, although former US Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen described such acts as “an eco- type of terrorism.”

Surely, you would expect to see the culprits who attacked Fukushima, Japan, their names listed on the calendar because attacking a country with nuclear devices, earthquakes and a tsunami certainly qualifies as terrorism. However, the March 11, 2011, attacks are not listed on the NCTC. A real bummer!

The truth about 9/11? … Nope, not there.

OK, so maybe at least Israel’s act of terror from last year, when they attacked Syria with nuclear weapons, is listed? … No, unfortunately not!

Hell, not even Bush or Obama are listed for their war crimes and drone attacks!

So there you have the proof, that Calendar is nothing but an expensive looking piece of propaganda rag. When you believe what is stated there, you’ll believe anything that the governments and the TV tell you. Even Paul Hellyer’s “aliens and UFOs” campaign will seem authentic to you.

Spreading Fear: Garbage Charts & Misrepresentation

Fukushima 3/11 Truth

The following images are still falsely being spread as being radiation graphics, relating to Fukushima. The only purpose they serve is to create fear. Don’t fall for the propaganda!

These graphics have nothing to do with Fukushima’s nuclear radiation because:

1. This is a plot created by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) showing the projected wave size of the March 11, 2011, tsunami.

noaa, fukushima, 3/11 truth, japan, nuclear attacks, tsunami, earthquake

Some sites that wrongfully reported the image to be radiation related:

Some sites that rightfully reported the image to be tsunami related:

2. This is a fake chart /fake graphic and has no scientific basis in any way. “This map is a fraud: totally fabricated and complete garbage.”

fukushima, 3/11 truth, japan, nuclear attacks, tsunami, earthquake

Some sites exposing the lies:

Some sites spreading the “garbage” graphic as being truth:

3. This one is an alternative version of the above graphic, therefore it is the same kind of garbage!

fukushima, 3/11 truth, japan, nuclear attacks, tsunami, earthquake

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