Fake Truther Confirms Fake U.S. Snow

Truth News International

What do you get when a fake activist, or fake truther, tries to confirm a fake story?

MORE fake stories!

That’s exactly what happened on February 4, 2014, when revmichellehopkins published her “fake snow” video on Youtube: “WARNED AGAINST SHARING THIS MICROSCOPIC ANALYSIS of US ARTIFICIAL SNOW – SEE WHAT the DOD is HIDING!

Jim Stone: “The above Youtube video is a lie. It is intended to divert the truth movement into an ocean of B.S.

How do I know it is bogus? How do I know no lab did this? EASY. There was no mass spectrometry done, and a microscope is completely incapable of identifying the chemistry of what is under it. That is NOT the job of a microscope.

A microscope´s job is to show structure. It cannot tell you what something is made of. Therefore, all that crap in the video could have come from the bottom of a bird cage. The correct piece of lab equipment for showing what things are made of is a mass spectrometer. A mass spectrometer sends light at pre defined wavelengths through test samples, and each element produces its own light signature. By reading the light signature you can tell what it is, and your eyes will not do this for you, only the machine can.

Absolutely NO LAB OUT THERE WOULD EVER USE A MICROSCOPE FOR THIS TYPE OF JOB. The video is a hoax, from an absolutely stupid hoaxer who knows nothing about lab procedures. AAAH, but it got a lot of hits and turned intelligentsia away, laughing at the ‘truth’ movement.”

There were also reports that the fake snow turned black when it was heated with a lighter or flame. For those who believe that that is suspicious behavior for ice, which snow is, then you should watch this 34-second-mind-boggling video.

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6C_2PFwynGQ