About ReblDyne

Created: December 21, 2013 (Worldwide Truth Day)   |   Founder: Jacobs K.


Observation of Reality

Though the Earth is our home and most of the people who live here have only the best intentions, it is, unfortunately, also inhabited by a select group of enemies of the Earth and enemies of peace and justice. The latter is the sad side of the reality that the rebellion is facing.

For too long have the peaceful people of Earth let the corrupt and twisted elements in our society thrive, without forcing them to have to deal with a strong enough resistance. It is therefore that society has to cope with fabricated crises, like the purposely caused financial crisis of 2007, the false war on terror, started after 9/11, and the nuclear attacks on Fukushima in 2011.

The good people in this world don’t think in terms of conquering and murdering, but as is more than obvious, not everyone is so goodhearted. It’s the understandable good, but blind, faith in others and the ignorance that goes with it that put all of us in extreme and life-threatening situations.

True, there is still an abundance of good things in the world, yet, it’s therefore that the rebellion needs to step up its efforts to protect that what is still good and peaceful. However, to be able to do so the rebellion, a non-centralized worldwide alliance, needs to grow in numbers. More people and organizations have to team up.


The Missions

The need of the rebellion to grow is exactly what ReblDyne is assisting the existing alliance with, and we will continue to do so in the future. We take this task very serious and we are willing to go the distance, everywhere and all the time.

In order to guide more people towards the rebellion, ReblDyne informs the alliance and makes the individual (potential) rebel aware of the reality of this world and beyond.

The epic showdown between good and evil is approaching fast, ReblDyne will be there!