The Real Holonet: Youtube Video Shuffle

By Jacobs K. for ReblDyne

The rebellion has already been sabotaged in many ways in the last couple of years. Infiltrations, psyops,… you name it, but there’s another method that is also being used and not too many rebels are aware of this.

There are many websites out there from the rebellion, which is very good, and some are catching a lot of wind. This is not to the liking of the one world government minions and infamous, secretive, communities so they try hard to discredit and sabotage these websites. One such technique is the switching of Youtube videos. The person who is sharing the videos on his or her website doesn’t know that his readers and viewers are seeing completely different videos than was intended. It’s what’s being called the real holonet, an artificial reality for every single one of us. It’s not science fiction, it’s real, and it can cause a lot of damage to one’s credibility online.

When rebels put videos on their websites, embedded in their articles for example, it is advised to always provide direct links to those videos as well. The reason is simple, in this way the readers of the articles and viewers of the videos can always check if the videos that are being played on-site correspond with the provided direct links. That’s why I always do this for all my websites, every time I embed a video.

Jim Stone, writer of the Fukushima report, is one of the first to have documented this last year (2012). I personally witnessed how videos were being switched on his website, most likely by Youtube.

In the following video message, Jim Stone explains what happened back in 2012, it’s this video switching that I’ve witnessed on his website, as did many others of Jim’s readers.

Video link: