Peg Luksik: “Who Controls Our Children”

Truth News International

Long before Assange and Snowden came along Peg Luksik had already described how the U.S. government was/is tracking people, starting at the school level. This video from August 3, 1992, proves that that what Assange and Snowden are allegedly “leaking” is in fact old news which everyone should have known for a long time when they were paying any attention to what has been going on around them.

August 3, 1992

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Terror Propaganda: Calendar 2014

Truth News International

There’s not a day that goes by without coming across some kind of propaganda that is intended to keep the false “war on terror” alive and in the public’s minds. One of those places where they eagerly promote the terrorism fabrication, in an attempt to keep the people well-brainwashed, is Israel’s Haaretz.

It cannot be denied that their current website header, an advertisement for the US National Counterterrorism Center’s Calendar 2014, serves as a tool to keep their audience in a state of fear:

haaretz, israel, terrorism

The NCTC’s 2014 website on their turn also uses a remarkable header for their site:

nctc, terrorism, calendar, 2014

The image is a scene from the Boston marathon bombings (the main theme for the site), a large-scale staged event, also known as a false flag, for which we wrote an extensive report: Impartial Investigation of the Explosions at the Boston Marathon 2013.”

Unfortunately, you will not find the truth about those bombings on the NCTC’s website, really a disappointment from our point of view. After all, what’s the purpose of such a site when you can’t find the truth on such a piece of professionalism?

Sadly, those who purposely created the Philippine super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda last November [1, 2] are also not mentioned on the calendar, although former US Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen described such acts as “an eco- type of terrorism.”

Surely, you would expect to see the culprits who attacked Fukushima, Japan, their names listed on the calendar because attacking a country with nuclear devices, earthquakes and a tsunami certainly qualifies as terrorism. However, the March 11, 2011, attacks are not listed on the NCTC. A real bummer!

The truth about 9/11? … Nope, not there.

OK, so maybe at least Israel’s act of terror from last year, when they attacked Syria with nuclear weapons, is listed? … No, unfortunately not!

Hell, not even Bush or Obama are listed for their war crimes and drone attacks!

So there you have the proof, that Calendar is nothing but an expensive looking piece of propaganda rag. When you believe what is stated there, you’ll believe anything that the governments and the TV tell you. Even Paul Hellyer’s “aliens and UFOs” campaign will seem authentic to you.

Global Governance: A Look Inside the Clockwork

An impressive piece of work has been put forward recently. Whether all the details in it are correct can be debated but the fact is that hundreds of hours have been spent while creating the massive graphics.

Have a look inside the clockwork of global governance. The creators call their report “The World Government,” you decide for yourself whether that term is correct or not.

Click the images to enlarge:

world government, global governance, corporations, organizations, agencies, banks, cartels

world government, global governance, corporations, organizations, agencies, banks, cartels

world government, global governance, corporations, organizations, agencies, banks, cartels

world government, global governance, corporations, organizations, agencies, banks, cartels

world government, global governance, corporations, organizations, agencies, banks, cartels

world government, global governance, corporations, organizations, agencies, banks, cartels

world government, global governance, corporations, organizations, agencies, banks, cartels

world government, global governance, corporations, organizations, agencies, banks, cartels

world government, global governance, corporations, organizations, agencies, banks, cartels

world government, global governance, corporations, organizations, agencies, banks, cartels

world government, global governance, corporations, organizations, agencies, banks, cartels

world government, global governance, corporations, organizations, agencies, banks, cartels

world government, global governance, corporations, organizations, agencies, banks, cartels

world government, global governance, corporations, organizations, agencies, banks, cartels

world government, global governance, corporations, organizations, agencies, banks, cartels

world government, global governance, corporations, organizations, agencies, banks, cartels

world government, global governance, corporations, organizations, agencies, banks, cartels

world government, global governance, corporations, organizations, agencies, banks, cartels

world government, global governance, corporations, organizations, agencies, banks, cartels, skull and bones


Terror Trinity: The 15 “Countries with Greatest Risk of Terrorism” and the Saudi, US and Israeli Connections

By Jacobs K. for Truth News International and ReblDyne

countries, risk of terror

In one of Ria Novosti’s articles about the December 29-30 (2013) bombings in Volgograd, Russia, we find the above image about countries where there’s ‘a great risk of terrorism.’ The reason why we want to expand on this is because yesterday (December 30) Infowars published an article titled “Volgograd Bombings Follow Saudi Threat to Attack Russia” and Ria Novosti published the “US Slams Volgograd Terror Attacks, Offers Sochi Help” article. At first sight these two articles only have the Volgograd bombings in common but as we will document the above ‘terrorism map’ is also something that can be linked to the two articles.

In their article, Infowars points to the fact that the “twin blasts targeting a train station and a trolley bus in the city of Volgograd follow a threat by Saudi Arabia to attack Russia using Chechen terrorists if Moscow did not withdraw its support for President Assad in Syria.”

According to Infowars, the following warning was issued by Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan back in August:

  • “I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us.”

Bandar also said that he was speaking with the full backing of the US government, wrote Infowars.

The fact that Saudi Arabia is not mentioned on the ‘terror map’ but has repeatedly [1, 2, 3, 4] been proven to support, arm and fund terrorism in the Middle East is odd to say the least. One should expect to see Saudi Arabia listed on the map as well, given the fact that they’ve created a lot of enemies with their sponsoring of terror abroad. Since they are not on that map it can indeed confirm that Saudi Arabia controls a big chunk of the terrorist organizations around the world. But the same can be said about Israel and the US for that matter.

Then in their article, Ria Novosti writes about how the US government looks forward to playing a role in the security of the Winter Olympics. Actually an obvious hint that they seek more influence in Russia. Just like they did in the Philippines after typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.

But it’s getting even more interesting, certainly for those who have not yet discovered the true nature of society. As you will see, every single country that is listed on the ‘terror map’ happens to be a place where the US government is (c)overtly operating, all too often through their CIA agents and fronts and in cooperation with the US-sponsored and blackmailing state of Israel who on their turn are not shy as well to sponsor and even orchestrate terrorism. Again, the same can be said about Saudi Arabia.

The following is a list of links to articles and facts that confirm and support the claims that the US government, Israel and Saudi Arabia are in fact the main reasons why the 15 countries on the ‘terror map’ are mentioned there in the first place, and why the war on terror is a big fat lie that was invented by the ultimate terror trinity.


  • Israel’s Massacre in Jenin, part 1 and 2












  • Did a Microwave Pulse Cause Typhoon Haiyan? [1, 2]



U.R.F: The Universal Rebellion Foundation

December 30, 2013 – Universal Rebellion Foundation

Everyday, the tyrannical regimes and the corporate world government get more and more organized while the free people of the world get more divided over the most senseless issues. That is one of the main reasons why corrupt politicians and oppressive multinationals can get away with what they do: They’re very well organized.

On the surface, it often seems that large corporations and organizations only have their own policies and goals but when we investigate the underlying levels, it becomes clear that many of the multinational corporations and organizations share a common destination. They understand that providing cover for each other is a valuable and even crucial aspect in their quests for world domination.

During the orchestrated financial crisis, initiated in 2007, the biggest banks and corporations have absorbed many smaller competitors their market shares. Many companies, smaller banks and almost all their customers have lost a lot of capital, which has for the biggest part all been funneled to those who are deemed to be “too big to fail.”

To the surprise of many, only a very limited number of people, considering the total population that has been hit, have come forward to let their voices be heard. To protest, to demand and enforce major changes in society. Because the number of activists and active concerned citizens around the world is still to small, it’s very unlikely that the demanded changes will ever be achieved. The pressure on the corrupt politicians, corporate executives and banksters who have brought this misery upon the people, is still not powerful enough. This is obvious since nothing has changed since the “crisis” took off.

Instead, more measures, laws and policies have been passed and imposed that allow even more looting by the culprits of the financial crisis. Unelected technocrats have been put in charge and put in positions which would normally require public or national elections. The power grabbing and consolidation of power has only increased, while the opposite should have been expected because the people should have organized and united against this massive corporate takeover. Unfortunately, nothing is further from the truth. Too many people still don’t understand how serious the situation has become and how little time that is left to try to turn it around, in favor of a free society.

Along with other rebel organizations and initiatives, the Universal Rebellion Foundation (U.R.F) understands that the free people of today only have one choice left when it comes to achieving victory over tyranny and oppression. We have witnessed how many freedoms and rights have been taken away in just one decade, since 9/11. The alleged war on terror should therefore rather be described as a war on liberty because that, along with the truth, is what is under attack, through the use of government and corporate sponsored acts of terror. The only choice we have left, and yet that was there all along, is to unite. Unity among the free people and the awareness of reality is what can save us all from the claws of oppression and corruption.

The Universal Rebellion Foundation wants to stand shoulder to shoulder in the front lines with those true rebels and active concerned citizens from around the world. Along with other organizations, we make it our mission to strive for freedom and justice. We are convinced that it is our duty to protect and spread the truth, the future generations are entitled to it!

Come with us, lets claim justice and the future together!

The World Government is Currently Being Installed… Through Corporate Treaties!

Everyone Who Ever Wanted a World Government, You’re Going to Get it Very Soon BUT Your Voice Will NOT be Heard Because It’s a Corporate Takeover of Every Aspect of YOUR Life

By Jacobs K. for ReblDyne

So you want a world government that can bring peace and justice, right?

Well, you’re going to get, partially, what you were looking forward to but that world government will not represent you nor your rights nor your voice. As for the peace and justice? Forget about that too. It’s not going to happen under this kind of world government.

The multinational corporations and banks have been too busy and too greedy to take in account your interests. Right now, this very moment in time, a global government is being installed. The treaties you have or haven’t heard about such as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), as it is being called by the EU, also referred to by the US as the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA), are being negotiated purely to favor the corporations and banks. Not the people!

These treaties and the ones that will follow in the future have to make sure that multinational corporations can take over the world economy and therefore every aspect of anyone’s life. Don’t take our word for it, just read the treaties yourself. However, it’s going to be quite difficult to read every page of those treaties since everything is secret. That’s right, you’re not allowed to know what is being negotiated. You’re not allowed, according to the corporations and governments that join the negotiations, to know which decisions are being made that will impact your life in such ways that your life will never be the same again, once the treaties are fully implemented. By that time you’ll have a very hard time to even try to resist it and fight for your rights.

It is therefore that it is advised that you join the rebellion ASAP, you’re life literally depends on it.

As for the rebellion, we already know what these treaties will bring about.

Corporations will become even more powerful, governments will have little or no influence anymore and democracy, well, that will be something we will talk about during history lessons only. If that would be allowed by the almighty multinationals, since these treaties and the associated secret courts will allow them to overrule any government policy anywhere in the world.

In this way, corporations will finally rule the world, their corporate world government, through treaties, will however not bring any peace and certainly no justice. In fact, chances are that we will witness the rise of multiple new armed forces such as it happened when NATO was established. A corporate AND ARMED TPP force or TAFTA force? It’s very well possible. Do not dismiss those possibilities.

The UN and its “peacekeepers” are already entangled in more than 50 cases of abuse, rape, human trafficking, murder, terrorism, corruption and pedophilia. So why would it be any different with the corporate armed forces?

As things are evolving now, we’ll soon be stuck with additional corporate armed forces who will be mandated to enforce the rule of corporate laws, as a result of the treaties that are currently being discussed. In addition, the UN’s Green Helmets will be mandated to enforce the rule of any other law that was or will be approved by the United Nations and its member states. There will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide from this multitude of armed forces.

“But we have nothing to hide, so we have nothing to fear,” people may say. Well, unfortunately that doesn’t matter at all and this kind of excuses only provide a false feeling of security and merely a temporary reassurance that the corporate world government’s corporate laws will not apply to them. Not only will their freedom be taken away from them as well, and from their families and friends, also their health and rights. Even their genes will no longer be theirs.

This leaves all of us who want a free and peaceful society with only one option left: Resistance.

If you haven’t joined the rebellion yet, NOW is the time!

* * *

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The TPP: The Corporate Anti-Sovereignty Treaty

Everything You Have to Know About the Trans Pacific Partnership or the TPP, and Why You Should Help to Expose and Stop it

“Wikileaks has released a 95 page, 30,000 word document [which equals to 1 chapter only of 29 in total] spelling out details on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The secret globalist agreement will have a significant effect on a wide range of issues including internet freedom, medicine, patents, and civil liberties. The cabal will meet in Salt Lake, Utah, between November 19 and 24.

The draft text for the TPP Intellectual Property Rights Chapter spells out provisions for implementing a transnational “enforcement regime” designed to supplant national laws and sovereignty with a globalist construct. The TPP is by far the largest and most oppressive economic treaty devised thus far. It will have an impact on a staggering 40 percent of worldwide GDP. The TPP is the forerunner to the equally secret US-EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Both treaties combined will cover 60 percent of world GDP and exclude China.

Enforcement will be accomplished by “supranational litigation tribunals to which sovereign national courts are expected to defer.” According to the document, the globalist courts can conduct hearings with secret evidence.”Infowars

In fact, the TPP, which puts pressure on every citizen of the world top down, is being locked together with the UN’s Agenda 21, which puts pressure on the people of the entire world on a grassroots level. As a result common folks are being squeezed in between and therefore more resistance, more actions by the rebellion, will follow and will be necessary in order to work our way back to a free society.

trans pacific partnership, tpp

Fast Track to Fascism

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Anonymous : What is The TPP

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Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Assault on Our Sovereignty, Our Constitution, Our Liberty

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TPP: Win for the 1%

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The Ten Statements that Could Change Society for Ever

By Truth News International & ReblDyne

How would society respond and how would it change, when the following ten statements and confessions were ever to be spoken?

Through the years, the world has been overloaded with misrepresentations and outright lies. They have shaped our society in such ways that, at times, it seems impossible to ever get the facts straight and the people united once and for all. This however might as well have been the very reason why they were allowed to live a life of their own. The establishment media and politicians have certainly put all resources at work to make sure that the lies and misrepresentations could overshadow the truth.

With a new year approaching, now is a good time to spark a light in the darkness of deception. A new year, a new beginning.

We wish you well!

* * *

“It took them three hundred years and trillions of dollars to build a theatre of darkness,

yet the light of only one match can burn it down. Do not let this light go out” – Jim Stone

* * *

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…the German foreign minister, urged the creation of a directly elected EU president “who personally appoints the members of his European government”.



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Why Polytheism was Replaced by Monotheism: A Very Brief History of Religion

The Horrible Truth About Religion

Is Religion the Best Way to Control People?

“Yes, historically proven: Through the centuries in all cultures where there have been multiple gods or one god only, the priests, kings, money changers (bankers) and elites have used religion as a means to control the public. Both the physical person of a human as well as his or her mind. The crusades and the wars of all time, including the present and future, can attest to that. In addition, religion doesn’t necessarily have to be god-related. In the current global society we can witness the rising of a new religion which is not based on any divine being: environmental religion. This new religion is obviously also used to control the minds of people. More importantly, to foster a feeling of fear.”