More Proof of Censoring the Rebellion: “It’s a Wonderful Lie” Deleted by Youtube

By Jacobs k. for ReblDyne

Earlier, ReblDyne reported the censoring of the rebellion by Twitter, who’s currently banning ReblDyne and United Nations Brigandage by deleting our accounts. Now that Twitter is a registered stock market company, they put everything at work to maintain a mainstream image.

Jim Stone also reported last year about censoring on Youtube, who switches embedded videos on rebel websites, and now there are new reports on Youtube’s censorship policy.

A video report produced by Infowars, “It’s a Wonderful Lie,” exposes the parallels between the 1946 movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” and the current state of society, in which banks destroy the economy on purpose.

“It’s a Wonderful Life, has very striking similarities to the modern day banksters working through the Federal Reserve to sap the nation’s wealth,” writes Infowars.

“In an act of political suppression … the video sharing site is systematically removing uploads of our report by hand. This is all the more evident considering that the full version of It’s A Wonderful Life has been available on YouTube for almost two years. If automated “bots” were taking down our report due to bogus copyright claims, they would have removed the full version long ago under a more legitimate claim. … This is purposeful censorship of our report. … This was a pure political move meant to censor our powerful report exposing the truth on the fractional-reserve, fiat banking system.”

The initial video report has already been deleted twice by Youtube.

Video link:

It is obvious that Paramount Pictures, who owns the copyright of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” is working hard along with the rest of Hollywood, the establishment media and governments around the world to keep a fluffy reality alive, while the rebellion is breaking down wall by wall of the fabricated version of life in which people are more interested in new shoes and sales [1, 2, 3] than facts and truth about life and society.