Israel Wants to Control the Internet “Jungle”

January 28, 2014 – World Truth Party

Yesterday, January 27, a few articles appeared in the media in which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quoted. It was claimed that:

  • “Israel Wants A United Nations of Cyberspace”Infowars
  • “Decision-makers should meet and set up a kind of UN of the Internet”Globes, Hamodia

However this is not the truth, in fact what Netanyahu did say was this:

“… I wouldn’t try to do this in inclusive ways… A new UN of the internet, it’s not gonna work … because some unprincipled elements would be in that room and they would distort this effort. I think you need a coalition of the willing … In this I think Israel is unquestionably a leading power.”

Now, that’s not quite the same, is it?

When paying attention to what Netanyahu really talked about in his speech at CyberTech 2014, it becomes very clear that the Israeli government wants to control the internet “jungle” themselves. Listen closely, you will come to the same conclusion when you know the intentions and the history behind the words.

Video link:

Currently the Israeli government is inviting leading internet and technology companies of the world to come and establish branches in the new national cyber park of Israel, CyberSpark, in Beer Sheba (Beër Sjeva). CyberSpark is only 47km away from the Rotem Industrial Park in Dimona where security companies and agencies are located such as the Israeli Magna BSP, who is involved in the sabotage of the Fukushima nuclear power plants.

It has already been pointed out and documented by the International Jewish Anti Zionist Network (IJAN) that Israel is the prime developer and exporter of police state techniques, policies and systems:

  • “The expertise on which it relies has been developed through its occupation of Palestine and parts of Lebanon, Syria and Egypt as well as its repression of and military aggression against the people living there. … Israel’s unique skills in crowd control, forced displacement, surveillance and military occupation have resulted in placing it at the forefront of a global industry of repression: it develops, manufactures and markets technologies that are used by armies and police around the world for purposes of repression. … The Israeli government has assumed a major, worldwide role in enforcing limitations on the freedom of movement, policing of communities, and undermining peoples’ struggles for justice. Though well documented, this fact is rarely if ever mentioned or discussed and even more rarely challenged.”

To put the United Nations in full control of the internet would be a bad choice to make to say the least but to give the control over the internet to Israel would not only be a bad choice it would be a very dangerous one as well.

When we revoke the executive powers of the UN and the EU it doesn’t mean that we should therefore hand everything over to the Israeli government who has already proven in many ways that they cannot be trusted with such powers since they continue to oppress and occupy, although the international community has raised their objections against these practices Israel has a business-as-usual policy without any sign of backing off.

In addition, Israel is yet to comply with nuclear weapons agreements, starting with admitting that they own and develop nuclear weaponry [1, 2].

Do we want a government, that manipulates the UN through the US and that has its fingerprints all over 9/11 [1, 2, 3], to be in control of the internet?

When companies and other governments establish their branches in CyberSpark they send an open invitation to be spied upon and to be infiltrated.

It’s obvious why the World Truth Party has to keep an eye on this case too.