e-War Alpha: The Resistance is Human

Earth 2013

“The influence of alternative news projects is becoming bigger by the day. Around the world millions of people are being confronted with the reality of today and the past. For decades, numerous independent journalists, radio hosts and websites have been informing the people in completely different ways than they were used to when they were watching mainstream TV, listening to censored radio broadcasts and reading shallow newspapers. This has resulted in a worldwide awakening. You can sense it everyday and everywhere. It’s all around us and there’s no stopping it in any way.” e-War Alpha

e-War Alpha

“Governments, secretive agencies, oppressive regimes and (financial) institutions, hostile corporations and hidden power structures are responding to the awakening of humanity, now that the codes have been broken, the true intentions been exposed and the covert agendas been trashed. In their responses, the ‘powers that be’ a.k.a. the controlling and self proclaimed ‘elites’ are making it very clear that there’s a full-scale war going on on the minds and bodies of the world’s population. The assaults are high level and the trend is obviously leaning towards an electronic, technotronic and artificial intelligence style of warfare. The unstoppable and ever growing response by humanity is more and more channeled through the internet, proven to be one of the most efficient tools and weapons for retaliation. Major battles have been fought and won by both sides, but the (f)actual e-war is yet to be officially announced by the politicians and the mainstream media of today.”e-War Alpha