Things That DON’T Add Up: Shooting at Berrendo Middle School Roswell, New Mexico

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## UPDATE 4, January 17, 2014: On the day of the school shooting there was an advanced training being held which was obviously PLANNED in advance according to the Active Shooter Threat Training Program (ASTTP) website. The exercise, drill or training was spread over 3 days starting on the 14th of January, 2014 (Artesia, NM — Jan 14 to Jan 16). “The FLETC-Artesia is located approximately 40 miles southwest of Roswell, New Mexico, at 1300 W. Richey Avenue, Artesia, New Mexico.” ##

## UPDATE 3, January 17, 2014: In their new updates the media continues to spread distorted information. According to them the male victim is now 12-years-old although his age was AGAIN confirmed to be 11. Or was it 14, who will tell the truth here?

“All three rounds were discharged in the school’s gymnasium — one at the ceiling, one at the floor and a third round was aimed into the stands at the students.” This completely contradicts the first official story whereby it was also CONFIRMED that there were two shots aimed at the victims, injuring the alleged male suspect’s face and the girl’s arm. The third shot was fired in the air.

Initially it was CONFIRMED by the state police that there were three victims, later it was only 2.

All of a sudden the band instrument case that carried the alleged shooter’s firearm has also changed, into a duffle bag, which is odd because there was already an animation ordered to give weight to the OFFICIAL narrative in which it was clearly stated that the alleged suspect carried his weapon with the wood stock sawed-off in an instrument case.

Video link:

Why is it so important to point out all these facts and findings? Well, that’s very simple, people just believe whatever the media throws at them and they don’t even realize that that same media is allowed to lie, legally. Therefore pointing fingers at us for questioning the media and the officials is not only irresponsible it’s also very dangerous because once a lie is believed to be the truth people will live in fantasy bubbles and then it becomes very hard to even convince them of the existence of their bubble.

We are being called “trash” for daring to say and write what the media is doing wrong, so we ask ourselves what the mainstream media should be called for publishing their fake facts and fabled reports. Lets be very clear about it, before any media outlet publishes or broadcasts anything they first have to make sure that they have obtained the real facts, that’s what’s called journalism. Heidi Toth can certainly teach the establishment media a few lessons in journalism, that is a fact.

When you really believe that the prestitute media is giving you the truth then please answer this question: Was the off-duty police officer, who allegedly helped to detain the alleged shooter, dropping of his daughter or his son? Or is his child gay or does he have a twin?

And what about this excerpt from the police tapes?

  • Dispatcher: “OK, do they still have the gun?”
  • Caller: “Yes, they still have it. He shot three shots, but he only hit one person.”

## UPDATE 2, January, 16, 2014: Apparently the Roswell NM police department Facebook page IS online, however at least 50% of all the people we asked DO NOT have access to this page. People have sent us screenshots after we requested those as feedback. As was expected, others are claiming we are a scam site and don’t spread truth. Well, considering the fact that those people can access the particular Facebook page their reactions are understandable. Yet, this doesn’t change the fact that we DON’T have access to the Facebook page. Whatever is happening it is very suspicious to say the least. Of course we will keep this article online because it’s not only about the Roswell NM police department Facebook page. More updates will be posted as more details become available. ##

# # UPDATE 1, January 15, 2014: Within an hour of the publication of our report on the Roswell school shooting the Roswell Georgia Facebook page posted this, although there was NOTHING posted there before we released our report online:

  • “As the sun rises over our police department this morning, we wanted to let our friends at the Roswell, New Mexico Police Department know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your community. We are also praying for the children that were injured in yesterday’s school shooting. Peace and blessings also go to all the children and workers that attend Berrendo Middle School.”

Surely it has already come to their attention that we are on to the setup and so now they want to provide cover for their colleagues, or they really aren’t aware in Roswell Georgia about the staged events and the MISSING Facebook page of the Roswell New Mexico police department. In any event, we posted a link to this report in a comment to their Facebook post which is ONLY ONE HOUR OLD. # #

Many people will not like this report and even express their hatred but we got to do this. More so because since at least 2003 the US media is authorized to lie and distribute distorted information and news.

On January 14, 2014, the US media, immediately followed by the rest of the world of course, reported about a shooting at Berrendo Middle School Roswell in New Mexico. The alleged suspect: a 12-year-old boy, carrying a 20-gauge or 22-gauge shotgun with the wood stock sawed-off.

The alleged shooter Mason Campbell, a seventh-grader at the school, was reported to have smuggled his weapon into the school using a bag or backpack but Carranza a student and alleged witness said that she saw him pull a gun out of a band instrument case.

However one witness said that the boydidn’t have a backpack and wasn’t wearing a school uniform – the Berrendo school T-shirt all students are required to wear.” He said that that is when he thought something was suspicious.

Yet another student reported that “he was terrified for his life as he watched the alleged shooter walk into the gym holding a shotgun.”

Now, which one of the three is it? Did the alleged shooter have his shotgun in a bag or in a “band instrument case?” Because that would be impossible when he walked in already armed and holding his shotgun, ready to shoot.

The two alleged victims, 11-year-old Nathaniel Tavarez (identified on January 16, 2014) and Kendal Sanders a 13-year-old girl, were airlifted to a hospital but a spokesperson at the University Hospital in Lubbock, Texas, told CBS News that they received a 14-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl, who were both injured in the shooting.

Fox on the other hand reported, in one and the same article, that:

  • “New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez said late Tuesday that a 12-year-old boy wounded in the shooting underwent two surgeries. A 12-year-old girl who was also wounded is now in stable condition, the governor said.”
  • “I am asking that all New Mexicans please keep these two children in your prayers,” an emotional Martinez said at an afternoon press conference. “We have a 12-year-old and a 13-year-old who were shot while simply sitting in their gym while waiting to go to class.”

NY Daily News: “The male victim, previously reported as aged 14 by local authorities, was taken back into surgery for his grave injuries sustained at Roswell’s Berrendo Middle School just before 8 a.m., a spokesman at University Medical Center in Lubbock, Texas confirmed.”

Sixth-grade student Anyssa Vegara, an alleged witness, said she was talking to a security guard when she heard the shot. “I turned around, and all I saw was someone on the floor with their arm bleeding,” Vegara said. She said the security guard ran to assist the injured student.

Clearly this girl seems to be convinced that there’s ONE shot and ONE victim. Not two, according to her alleged statement.

“This kid shot another kid with a shotgun in the school gym,” he (Jonathan Flores) said. “Nobody knows why, ” said the youth, who wore a blue Berrendo Middle School sweat shirt with the bulldog mascot.

“He had his hands up in the air,” wrote CNN, about what Salcido, another student, had said of the shooter.

Carranza, another student and alleged witness, said the suspect shot another boy twice in the face and shot a girl in the arm. “Then he shot up in the sky, then dropped the gun, and then some teacher grabbed the kid that had the gun,” according to AP.

ABC News wrote: “A heroic teacher talked a shooter, aged just 12, into dropping his weapon this morning, just moments after the child walked into a packed gymnasium and opened fire at his classmates.”

Here, AP’s version and ABC News’ version are clearly completely different.

According to the LA Times, yet another student described the scene as “a person with a shotgun was in the school and was tackled and caught.”

“Eva Gomez, Roswell Education Association president, identified eighth-grade social studies teacher John Masterson as the staff member who stopped Campbell and convinced him to put his gun down,” reported ABQ Journal. “Masterson wouldn’t confirm that when contacted this afternoon, saying police had asked him not to comment on the shooting.”

OK, so why is the hero not allowed to comment or confirm his bravery, while the Roswell Education Association president is allowed to do so? What is it that Masterson might say that could be the opposite of what the official story dictates?

“Employees who arrived early to work at United Drilling Inc, across the street from the school, heard no gunshots. They didn’t know about the commotion until around 8 am, when their parking lot filled with police and rescue vehicles,” claims The Guardian.

After the shooting, the students were put on lockdown for about two hours in their classrooms as some teachers tended to the wounded students, according to CNN.

“In a Facebook post Roswell police asked parents not to go to the school because it was locked down. Parents instead were able to pick up their students at a mall parking lot nearby,” reported ABQ Journal.

According to the Facebook post was more like “shooting at Berrendo Middle School!!! The shooter has been apprehended.” also wrote that the police had said that parents could pick up their children at a nearby shopping centre, but warned them to stay away from the school grounds.

“Family members were finally reunited with their loved ones at around 10 a.m., nearly two hours after the shooting,” that’s what KRQE wrote.

Now, before we continue, lets get a few things straight. All the above information about the age of the alleged suspect and the victims, about whether or not he had a bag or an instrument case or none of both, whether he was tackled or not, whether the teacher is a hero or not, this is all information that can be debated about and it doesn’t really give weight to this report but that will all change when you find out the rest of the facts. Really CRUCIAL information, starting with the Facebook page of the Roswell police department.

As far as we can determine and find out THERE IS NO ROSWELL POLICE DEPARTMENT FACEBOOK PAGE! If there is one then we can’t find it and we sure don’t have access to it if it really exists.

Here are the links that they provide in the prestitute media outlets: /, the links redirect us to Facebook’s homepage only. NOT to any police page at all!!

Find the FAKE linked Facebook page here at NY Daily News and here too where it’s archived!

Want to see a Roswell Police Department Facebook page? Try this one: Roswell Georgia‘s, but you won’t find any school shooting tidbits there.

Moving on…

So why were the children kept for two hours in the locked down school and why were the parents WARNED not to come to the school? We find this VERY STRANGE!

According to the LA Times, “the parents were directed to wait at different mall entrances for their children, who had been bused to the site. The sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders emerged one-by-one from different mall doors as the parents’ names were called out to reunite with their child.”

“The school’s enrollment is about 200 students,” according to a Fox News article. So what’s this whole charade for with keeping children locked up for two hours, warning parents not to go to the school and then releasing the kids one by one at different exits. Seriously, it’s getting obvious now that the official narrative is NOT the truth. It’s like the Sandy Hook children who had to close their eyes while walking away from the crime scene. Next thing we know we’ll have some crisis actors popping up here as well.

And please, can someone explain who the mayor of Roswell is? Because there can be ONLY ONE mayor in Roswell, New Mexico.

According to Heidi Toth, “a reporter gypsy from New Mexico taking a hiatus from real life in Europe,” who’s tweet we found at Daily Mail, Roswell’s mayor is Del Jurney. All others state that the mayor is Jere Wood.

To make it clear for those who’ve created a staged event once again, since you can’t even get your names right let me give you a hand so your next false flag charade might be more professional. Jere Wood is the mayor of Roswell GEORGIA and Del Jurney is the mayor of Roswell NEW MEXICO.

Confirm it yourself: NO mayor Jere Wood in Roswell, New Mexico!

Apparently, Heidi the gypsy is a much better reporter than all mainstream outlets combined, what a bunch of AMATEURS!

Next time you stage an event make sure you don’t mix up your names so bad, it’s distorting your propaganda. It makes you look like greater fools then you already were!

And finally let us add these too facts, because those who spread all this nonsense and stage all these “shootings” really have to do better or stop right away since they’re being exposed over and over again.

When you shoot a kid in his face, twice, with a shotgun do you really believe he will only need two surgeries?

And what about the time frames here, come on, seriously.

  • New Mexico State Police Chief Pete Kassetas his deputies arrived around 8: 11 a.m.
  • The shooting in the school’s gym erupted at 8:11 a.m.
  • The 12-year-old pulled a shotgun and opened fire there at about 8 am
  • the drama unfolded at the school around 7:30 a.m.
  • Three students have been injured in the shooting that took place just before 8 a.m.
  • Ynez Fox, who works at a nearby hospital, said she saw police cars and ambulances rushing to the school just before 8 a.m.
  • A woman in a powder blue pant suit was waiting at the parking lot for her 14-year-old son. The woman, who asked not be identified, said her son called her about 7:50 a.m. from a locked room in the school office. She was told that teachers and fellow students were inside.

Now we don’t know who messed up the script here but the timing and the reporting is really sleazy. How can police cars and ambulances go to a scene when there’s not even a scene to rush to yet. The alleged shootings happened at 8.11 a.m. but these rescue workers were already underway before 8.11 a.m. Really? That’s like having a crystal ball.

And this…

“New Mexico State Police Chief Pete Kasseta confirmed a 12-year-old boy was taken into custody after the shooting. The suspect allegedly packed a sawed-off .20 gauge shotgun in his backpack, walked through the front doors of the school and headed to the gym, where he opened fire.” Come on man, who’s making this up? It’s even worse than a cheap 1980s C-movie.

What’s the size of this school? It takes this kid 40 minutes to get to the gym at 8.11. a.m., after walking in at around 7.30 a.m. Must be a pretty heavy shotgun, even with the wood stock sawed-off.

Look, when the kid allegedly opened fire on the students at 8.11 a.m. the cops can’t show up at the same exact minute because the nearest police office is about 10 minutes away.

Well, maybe all of this is possible. Maybe Piers Morgan knows the answer: “Where is the @NRA today? Why aren’t they calling for all other 12-yr-old schoolkids to be armed with guns? Only solution, right?”