The Ten Statements that Could Change Society for Ever

By Truth News International & ReblDyne

How would society respond and how would it change, when the following ten statements and confessions were ever to be spoken?

Through the years, the world has been overloaded with misrepresentations and outright lies. They have shaped our society in such ways that, at times, it seems impossible to ever get the facts straight and the people united once and for all. This however might as well have been the very reason why they were allowed to live a life of their own. The establishment media and politicians have certainly put all resources at work to make sure that the lies and misrepresentations could overshadow the truth.

With a new year approaching, now is a good time to spark a light in the darkness of deception. A new year, a new beginning.

We wish you well!

* * *

“It took them three hundred years and trillions of dollars to build a theatre of darkness,

yet the light of only one match can burn it down. Do not let this light go out” – Jim Stone

* * *

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Reality Check: 1 on 1 With President Obama, How Does He Justify A Kill List?

Obama Brag, in New Book: I’m ‘Really Good at Killing People’ with Drones

Obama Exploits Bin Laden Hoax For Election Propaganda

Health Director who Approved Obama Birth Certificate Dies in Plane Crash

Obama Birth Certificate: Confirmed Forgery According To Top Experts

“This is Barry Soetoro:” Meet the ‘Chubby Boy with the Curly Hair.’ New Photographs of Barack Obama’s Childhood in Indonesia Emerge

Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama’s Political Dynasty Crashes And Burns

Who is Barack Hussein Obama, or is it Barry Soetoro?

What’s ‘Barry Soetoro’ Hiding?

‘Barry Soetoro’ Registered to Vote in D.C.

Grand Jury: Indict Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama

The Obama Deception



“Less Transparent” than China: EU Presidential Appointment Process

Van Rompuy: ‘Almost a Lie’ to Say EU Not Democratic

EU To Seize Control Over National Economies With Stroke of a Pen

Bilderberg-picked EU Leader Van Rompuy Calls for Global Governance With Russia

Václav Klaus Warns that the Destruction of Europe’s Democracy May be in its Final Phase

…the German foreign minister, urged the creation of a directly elected EU president “who personally appoints the members of his European government”.



UN Chief Helped Rwanda Killers Arm Themselves

former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Boutros Boutros-Ghali

UN’s Kofi Annan: An Agent of Wall Street

Dark Side of Ban Ki-moon And The United Nations Shines Through As They Condemn Richard Falk For His Views on 9/11

Nazi at the UN: Kurt Waldheim



Al Gore Set To Become First “Carbon Billionaire”

New Alleged Dangerous Greenhouse Gas (PFTBA) is Being Used in Fuel Cells for Al Gore’s London HQ

Al Gore’s Windbags Defend Their Corrupt Master

Al Gore Talks Chemtrails on Ellen Show

Al Gore’s ‘Nine Inconvenient Untruths’

Global Warming Conspiracy Theory Jesse Ventura

Group That Admitted Manufacturing Global Warming Threat Still Pushes Same Hoax



Hold Your Horses, You’ve Just Been “Snowdened” and “Assanged”

e-War Alpha: When Alleged Fiction Becomes Your Reality



Jesus Clears the Temple of Money Changers

The real story of Christmas: From sun-worship to Sinterklaas

The Roots of Christmas: From Sun Worship to Son Worship

The Origin of Christmas in December



Saving the world economy from Gaddafi

Gadhafi’s Gold-money Plan Would Have Devastated Dollar

Gaddafi Gold-for-Oil, Dollar-Doom Plans Behind Libya ‘Mission’

Gaddafi’s Gold



Archbishop Tutu Calls for ‘Lying’ Blair and Bush to Face Trial in Hague Criminal Court over Iraq War

Canadians Seek to Arrest George W. Bush

Arrest Warrant: George Bush Calls Off Trip to Switzerland

Kuala Lumpur War Tribunal Finds Bush Guilty of War Crimes

Kuala Lumpur Tribunal: Bush and Blair Guilty

Tony Blair and the Protesters Who Keep Trying to Arrest Him for War Crimes

David Lawley-Wakelin: Tony Blair is War Criminal

9/11 Facts

LaRouche: Stop the Coverupof Brit-Saudi Role in 9/11

You Can’t Handle the 9/11 Truth

Former British MI5 Agent Says ‘Many Similarities’ Between London Bombings And 9/11



America : Freedom to Fascism

Rockefeller Brother Fund: We’re Buying Off Evangelicals, Mayors, Governors… For The Earth

Rockefeller and Rothschild Merge Financial Operations in America

Documents Reveal Rockefeller Foundation Actively Engaged in Mass Mind-Control

Oliver Stone Says Banksters “Enabled” Hitler and the Nazis

Bankers Extended WWI By Three Years

The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families

The International Banking Cartel

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

We Are Change: Lord Jacob Rothschild Confronted

We Are Change NYC & LA Make John D. Rockefeler IV Run for the Hills

Rockefeller Fears the Internet




Why Polytheism was Replaced by Monotheism: A Very Brief History of Religion

The Horrible Truth About Religion

Is Religion the Best Way to Control People?

“Yes, historically proven: Through the centuries in all cultures where there have been multiple gods or one god only, the priests, kings, money changers (bankers) and elites have used religion as a means to control the public. Both the physical person of a human as well as his or her mind. The crusades and the wars of all time, including the present and future, can attest to that. In addition, religion doesn’t necessarily have to be god-related. In the current global society we can witness the rising of a new religion which is not based on any divine being: environmental religion. This new religion is obviously also used to control the minds of people. More importantly, to foster a feeling of fear.”