The Launch of ReblDyne

Yesterday, December 21, was the second edition of the Worldwide Truth Day, this year’s  theme was “Truth Rocks the World.” A modest number of people joined the celebration. Hopefully the new annual celebration will grow in popularity through the coming years.

On the same day, ReblDyne was created, the new website was launched this afternoon.

ReblDyne wants to represent hope for the true rebellion around the world, the rebellion against tyranny by governments, global governance institutions and corporations, and their violent oppression and domination over the free people on Earth.

ReblDyne is not the only driving force of the rebellion, many other initiatives already exist and are contributing greatly everyday. Without them, ReblDyne would probably not have been created. ReblDyne joins the rebel alliance as a symbol of appreciation for all the hard work by the rebellion, the alternative media outlets, the real truth movement and the patriots and defenders of the Earth and it’s peaceful people.

ReblDyne keeps its focus on the reality of this world and beyond, while helping to bring together more rebels. The rebellion is in need of more manpower and that’s what we intend to provide it with.