U.R.F: The Universal Rebellion Foundation

December 30, 2013 – Universal Rebellion Foundation

Everyday, the tyrannical regimes and the corporate world government get more and more organized while the free people of the world get more divided over the most senseless issues. That is one of the main reasons why corrupt politicians and oppressive multinationals can get away with what they do: They’re very well organized.

On the surface, it often seems that large corporations and organizations only have their own policies and goals but when we investigate the underlying levels, it becomes clear that many of the multinational corporations and organizations share a common destination. They understand that providing cover for each other is a valuable and even crucial aspect in their quests for world domination.

During the orchestrated financial crisis, initiated in 2007, the biggest banks and corporations have absorbed many smaller competitors their market shares. Many companies, smaller banks and almost all their customers have lost a lot of capital, which has for the biggest part all been funneled to those who are deemed to be “too big to fail.”

To the surprise of many, only a very limited number of people, considering the total population that has been hit, have come forward to let their voices be heard. To protest, to demand and enforce major changes in society. Because the number of activists and active concerned citizens around the world is still to small, it’s very unlikely that the demanded changes will ever be achieved. The pressure on the corrupt politicians, corporate executives and banksters who have brought this misery upon the people, is still not powerful enough. This is obvious since nothing has changed since the “crisis” took off.

Instead, more measures, laws and policies have been passed and imposed that allow even more looting by the culprits of the financial crisis. Unelected technocrats have been put in charge and put in positions which would normally require public or national elections. The power grabbing and consolidation of power has only increased, while the opposite should have been expected because the people should have organized and united against this massive corporate takeover. Unfortunately, nothing is further from the truth. Too many people still don’t understand how serious the situation has become and how little time that is left to try to turn it around, in favor of a free society.

Along with other rebel organizations and initiatives, the Universal Rebellion Foundation (U.R.F) understands that the free people of today only have one choice left when it comes to achieving victory over tyranny and oppression. We have witnessed how many freedoms and rights have been taken away in just one decade, since 9/11. The alleged war on terror should therefore rather be described as a war on liberty because that, along with the truth, is what is under attack, through the use of government and corporate sponsored acts of terror. The only choice we have left, and yet that was there all along, is to unite. Unity among the free people and the awareness of reality is what can save us all from the claws of oppression and corruption.

The Universal Rebellion Foundation wants to stand shoulder to shoulder in the front lines with those true rebels and active concerned citizens from around the world. Along with other organizations, we make it our mission to strive for freedom and justice. We are convinced that it is our duty to protect and spread the truth, the future generations are entitled to it!

Come with us, lets claim justice and the future together!